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Q&A With Psychic Ruth Revzen Lordan

Q&A with Psychic Ruth Revzen Lordan

Spirit Times (ST) welcomes Ruth Lordan, a nationally and internationally known psychic. Ruth is based in Minneapolis and for the past 50 years has been a practicing, professional psychic. She has given an estimated 100,000 readings.

ST: You are a fifth-generation-plus psychic and you began giving readings as a child. Tell us a bit about the environment in which you grew up.

Ruth: My paternal ancestors helped to create the Hasidic movement which was the first time the Ashkenazi people knew there is a light inside, the divine spark within. Then on my mother’s side, my great great grandmother was a very famous psychic and they were mystical from that same Lubavitch tradition, so it goes way, way back. I didn’t have a choice. Lubavitch is parts of the mystical forms of Judaism. That’s what I got born into.

ST: You studied philosophy at the University of Illinois and had a short stint in law school in New Orleans before you, as fate would have it, stumbled into a position there as a palm reader. How did your degree in philosophy and your time in law school inform your work as a psychic?

Ruth: In 1966 to 1970, I got to go to college in the 1960s with everything that implied and I got a degree in philosophy. There were 20,000 students in the school. There are 4 of us who majored in philosophy. It was not fashionable.

I started philosophy wanting to know the meaning of life and the purpose of existence which exactly fits the psychic world. I made them create a class for me in metaphysics. Law school was a way out of…I didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. And I was interested in the logic because I always loved applying logic but I realized I’d rather get involved in what I call God’s Law than man’s. And back then, if I would have had a law degree in 1973, I would have been limited to marriage and family law. There’s been lots of progress for women (since then).

ST: You’ve said you are a true psychic from the classical tradition. You are not an intuitive spiritualist. What does that mean?     

Psyche is mind. Psychic power comes from the mind. I’m very interested in creating a strong mind. Recently, my life’s work is culminating in a mind strengthening technique for others with some quick fixes to stop the stress when it comes, and to relieve it when it’s already there.

Intuition is emotion based, it’s fueled. Ideally, the mind is in the heart. And then that can maybe control the intuition and the feelings. And spiritualists, I like to talk to the Holy Spirit, not necessarily all the spirits. Spirit is a term very common in the Celtic traditions and the Hindu traditions and—I don’t like the word ‘New Age’—but the spiritual movement which is getting people away from sin-based organized religions. Well, I never came from that. So I started out clean and clear.

People say ‘I’m not religious, I’m spiritual.’  Yeah, you have gotten away from your fire and brimstone and those horrible rules and laws, and you discovered that God is everywhere. I grew up that way.

ST: That’s what you imbue in your readings?

Ruth: Oh yeah. I deal direct. I come straight to the point and one of the things I pride myself on is not only do I see the person, but I see the world they are walking into. You may truly have this desire to be a great musician, a great artist. And that may truly be something that’s in you but I’m going to look around the world and see if that’s going to work in the present time.

It saves heartbreak. People might get upset—’she told me I can’t do that!’—but it saves heartbreak and I never discourage anybody from living their truth. But purely, when I started reading palms, I did it to read palms, not to meet boys, not to be famous, not to go to parties, just read palms to read palms. And I was blessed with success. If you want to play music to play music, not to meet girls, and such, it’s going to work long term. It’s gotta be pure. The art has to be pure…The late great Tom McBurney (a renaissance man and former Pillsbury executive) would say the 3 keys for artistic success are developing your skills very very early, having family support or friend support, and being in the right place at the right time. That’s the difference between success and failure.

ST: Are there any particular type of gifts which you feel you are strongest at, such as clairaudience (ability to hear from spirits, or what is inaudible) or clairvoyance (ability to see the future)?

Ruth: That’s all the Tower of Babel. You are breaking it down to the Tower of Babel. I have a clear conduit. I’m psychic. I see, I feel, I do it all. I look at psychic power as a seventh sense. You do all of that but it’s not Tower of Babel specified. You know, you go to a general practitioner or a really good good doctor, he sees it all. The top guy at the Mayo isn’t necessarily saying ‘see this specialist,’ ‘see that specialist’ …You are getting the same information or you are looking for the correct information. And so I rely on whatever to get that, it’s what comes through.

Yes, I do hear from spirits—clairaudience. I see—clairvoyance. My Facebook page is the Ruth Lordan Clairvoyance  Experience.  I have my own deck of cards I created. I have been called the best palm reader in the world.  I do just sense, look in the eye, see the soul and know the secrets. It’s what I do and I really don’t try to analyze and break it down because I don’t want to destroy it.

ST: When you do so many readings as you have done and continue to do, do you tend to just see it or know it, perhaps?

Ruth: Beyond all that. Seventh sense. Different vibe. And I love it. You are in a zone, it just pours. Sometimes it’s creative insights. It’s all types of things. It’s always infused with energy. I had a wonderful one today. It’s full of life. As I say, if you get, you give. If you give, you get. That’s the point of enlightenment.

I put that on a guided mediation tape that I did with music in 1988. I was way ahead of my time. I’m a psychic, in the future.

ST: I love it. And that speaks to the shaman.

Ruth: When I was four years old, I had a little doll and I called it Chamin. I made it the priest doll of all my dolls. Shamans go to other dimensions to deal with spirits and they’re cute but when they get in trouble they go to the Buddhist to help them with it. And I like to have the way Buddha did it, to have the spirits come to me. They can come and honor and bow and come to us but it’s not really safe to go off tripping which is why shamans sometimes have to go and soul retrieve and all that.

And guess what? You can’t go to Peru for a month and become a shaman.

ST: No, it’s not just something you attend classes and get certified.

Ruth: Or a psychic, really. We do live in a democracy and it’s true everybody should have the ability to…It’s just like music. Everybody should be entitled to be able to learn the techniques of singing and playing but let’s face it, not everybody’s going to have it. But who am I to say ‘you can’t study it.’ We don’t live in a Communist society. Everybody is open to study what they can.

ST: Do you have any key objectives when you embark on giving a reading?

Ruth: Just doing the best I can.  Putting in 100 percent.

ST: Your level of honesty in readings can ruffle feathers! You are very candid with your clients. I can speak from past experience in a short reading from you, and from friends or their family who have had readings from you. But as a wonderful quality, you often tell people what they need to focus on, what their key problems are, or where they may have their biggest losses or regrets. We could call it ‘tough love.’ You’ve said recently you strive to balance the truth to be more sensitive to what people can handle. Have you softened a little in your deliveries?

Ruth: I hope so. You know there is a lot of delusion out there. And you try to break through that. The streets are not paved with gold. It doesn’t work that way. I see the truth. I see the top, the Sahasara (or crown) chakra being opened, I can see the highest potential. And as I say, I know some of the world and how some of it works. So when I do the reading, I really get to the matter. Now there are people who just want to hear what they want to hear.  They want to be told it’s a soul mate. They want to be told the man is coming back, the business will work. They’re going to be star. You know, all types of things. And maybe that really isn’t there. So I do try these days to speak about in the Buddhist way, the Four Noble Truths, that was very helpful to me. That looking at desires that are causing you to suffer that are not happening, maybe they are not for you. I am getting very, very improved on being able to just totally see why you wanted that and help one dissolve it and realize they didn’t really want it in the first place.

And there’s times I see it (happening for people). I remember I had a young lady and she would call for readings and I said ‘You are a comedienne. You are going to be great.’ Now usually you don’t tell people that, a 17 or 18-year old kid. Well she just had another comedy special and she’s  on a world tour. I remember her calling at times saying ‘I want to give up.’ No. I saw it in her. And now she’s a big famous comedienne.

ST: And so you could see her in that role, and her success?

Ruth: I felt it in her. I don’t just encourage. I mean it was there.

ST: And you trust spirit and yourself to say the right thing?

Ruth: Spirit’s a cute word but I call it God. She had it, she was going to do it. It was the vibe. She had it about her. She was going to do it. It would take years, ups and downs…nothing’s a straight shot up but it worked.

ST: So with helping people along and trying to get at a person’s purpose and maybe their soul…

Ruth: Remember, I studied the purpose of life, the purpose of existence, and I finally came to understand the meaning of life…Life is what it is. It just is. It’s a very sophisticated way to understand…it took years and years of deep, worldwide soul searching. But purpose? More will be revealed. You live in the now. You do the best you can. Make the world a better place and don’t litter. Thinking about meaning and purpose—it will drive you crazy.

ST: You also have a focus on teaching mind strengthening to corporate clients.

Ruth: I look at it like this: situations arise. If we have a strong mind, we’re going to be like (Olympian) Shaun White and react well under that pressure. If our mind isn’t so strong or we have emotional things going on, we’ll create stress…Once untreated, the stress becomes anxiety, anger, depression and post-traumatic stress. It’s really important to have a strong mind. As they say, psyche is mind, and with that strong mind, when situations come up, you handle them effectively.

As opposed to getting caught up in all these things. We have all these methods in society. We have drugs. We have therapies…We have cognitive therapies…but those are just removing the symptoms. So let’s not let it start in the first place. And no matter how strong your mind is, there are situations where you may create some sadness or stress and so I have a couple of quick fixes for that. But when the mind is strong, there won’t be anxiety and depression.

ST: Yes, that state of being, and ‘this too shall pass.’ And realizing it’s temporary in nature.

Ruth: Yeah. Everything is impermanent. My mother used to say ‘this too shall pass.’ So that’s my life’s work at the moment…You can’t stop life but you can stop your stressful response to it.

ST: Are there any tips or techniques from your teachings about the mind strengthening or trying to prevent some of that stress from happening?

Ruth: What I’ll share right now is once you feel ‘Oh my God, I’m stressed. My heart’s fluttering. I have issues,’ this is a quick-fix stress-relieving technique:

I’d like you to close your eyes. Now breathe in the white light and breathe out the dark. Breathe in the white light and breathe out the dark. And breathe in the white light and let clear sparkles of energy go all the way through you, keeping the light inside you, and keep going until your body is light. And then go deal with things.

When I do this in person, I do have the power of initiating people, or some would call that blessing. And you get it. Well you just felt it. You felt a change. I can feel it from here. It worked. It’s not from hyperventilating and it’s not hypnosis. It’s an energetic re-balance.

ST: What is the zeitgeist out there now among the people you read and those you interact with? Are people adapting to the higher consciousness movement, higher frequency of energy that is out there in the etheric field, the electromagnetic field, or are they buying into the chaos in the world?

Ruth: I kind of think it’s happening like this. The energy is there. That’s not changing. The world changes and evolves. People are changing. People are being more receptive and open to things…People aren’t interested in chotzkes anymore. They are interested in experiences.  And when you are interested in experiences, you are interested in mind trips. Inner trips as well. So that’s where consciousness is coming from. Religion is old and boring. Let’s get into spiritualism. Steak and potatoes can be boring. Let’s get into health food. And then health foods become boring. So they are getting back into cigars now. It’s up and down. It’s interesting to watch.

It’s kind of getting good. It’s getting loving. We are polarizing but there’s always been polarization. The internet makes things more aware. But think about this: are people really more emotionally intense about the national political things now any more than they really were during the Revolutionary War when the Town Crier came around? (gives more examples)…It’s just happening on a different platform now and it’s actually safer.

ST: Because of your level of experience in reading people, you have insights into human behavior that many of us don’t have. Are there any parting words of wisdom you would give to spiritual seekers finding this Q&A?

Ruth: With the strength of the mind, make sure things fit. I remember one of the things they said in philosophy was ‘Don’t look at how people lived. Look at their works.’ OK, cute. So we have philosophers like Nietzsche but he was allegedly a junkie. To me that mattered. Or he was an opium addict. Schopenhauer, who wrote about the desperation of man and humanity, spent all of his time allegedly chasing women, living in bars. So I think it’s relevant to look at how someone lives. So take a look at who you are listening to.

I remember I was on this cruise. It was so funny, this person was talking about investments through astrology. And the first question somebody said to him was ‘Are you a millionaire?’ and he said ‘No.’ I walked out. Hello? I mean walk your truth.

And also just remember don’t litter. Don’t litter. On any level don’t litter because, you know, the truth is there. It’s in you. It’s out there. There’s times we all need guidance. Love is blind. There’s a reason you can’t see into yourself. It has to do with the hormones, with what the Hindus and the yogis call the Veil of Illusion, the Maya, which is literally the hormones coming from the pineal and pituitary glands that are flushing through, from the top of the head, and so if the hormones are going through, they are blocking your own third eye from seeing clearly into your own mind.

….You have to be careful with the mind and heart. You can trust your gut for things like ‘this is bad’ or ‘this is poison,’ the things the gut is supposed to tell you: this is bad, this is dangerous. Go for this, for what reason. There will be strong energies that may come in through that but please understand if your own desire is stronger than that pure intuition, it may not work. It will not work. That gets a little esoteric.

ST: Well, thank you, Ruth, and we look forward to connecting with you again.

Ruth: Thank you.

Ruth is available to teach mind strengthening to corporate and private groups as well as individuals, and continues private readings. Her book, Gleanings From the Fields of Life: A Psychic’s Guide to the Galaxy, is currently out of print, and she’s working to update it. For more information visit: http://www.ruthlordan.com/.

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