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Q&A With Dotty O’Donnell, Destiny Game Changer

Q&A with Dotty O’Donnell, Destiny Game Changer

Ever feel like you are creating the same patterns or issues in your life over and over? Spirit Times (ST) welcomes Dotty O’Donnell of Destiny Game Changer. Dotty is a healer and intuitive with the gift of identifying a person’s karma and helping them break free of its most prominent patterns which create blockages in their life.

ST: We have it on good authority here at Spirit Times that you do excellent work, Dotty. You have an uncanny ability to identify a person’s karma, truly pinpoint it in great detail, and help them clear the more negative aspects of it so they can move on in life. Karma is essentially the whole of a person’s actions in this or previous lifetimes or states of existence, and it’s said to decide your fate in future existences. It’s believed the intent of one’s actions generates karma.

You had near death experience (NDE) in 1988 which started your journey into exploring different healing modalities. Can you share a little bit about your NDE and what you learned or synthesized into your awareness after you “came back”?

Dotty: I had a NDE in 1988 and was rushed to the hospital on a Friday evening in December by ambulance. When I arrived at the hospital, they thought I had appendicitis. I don’t know why but they waited until noon the next day for a surgeon. They sent me for tests and the last thing I remember was the nurse asking me if I wanted a priest. I remember thinking, “This isn’t good…” The next thing I was above the room viewing what was happening with the medical staff. They were frantic. I specifically remember a nurse saying, “She has two young kids.” I then saw a tunnel and there was the most brilliant white, luminescent light I ever saw.

The next thing I remember was the doctor standing over my bed a few days later. He said to me, “You should be dead. What happened with you is your stomach ripped open and all your organs got poisoned. Not only that, but once we figured that out, the miracle was that your stomach had healed itself and the rip was closed.” He said, “You are the Christmas miracle. You need to look at your life and figure out why you came back. You need to re-evaluate your life. You are here for a reason. You should be dead. We all do not understand how you made it.” He pointed up and said, “You have a really lucky star up there.”

So six months later, I was divorced, had a new job and started meditating.

ST: That’s an amazing story. Then, after your NDE, you discovered the modality of karmic healing which changed your life. Is that when you had the opportunity to apprentice with a master karma healer for seven years?

Dotty: After the NDE, I was in survival mode, bringing up two young kids and trying to make ends meet as a single parent for years. During this time, I read everything I could find about the mind/body connection. I always got up at 5:30 a.m. to have a solitary hour to study and practice what I learned. I went on to get a Master’s degree in education but my heart was always in the healing arts. There wasn’t much available in those days. As the years went on, I found I could just naturally tune into people and what made them tick. I could tell them sometimes by just observing them and once I talked to them, my intuition really amplified.

I went to a three-year program in Energy Medicine and became an energy medicine practitioner. Then 11 years ago, I met a master karma healer and went for a session with him. I felt like he read my soul. Soon things in my life shifted effortlessly. He told me that I could to this work but it would take a big commitment and rigorous training. I became his student for seven years.

ST: Your bio notes you completed a doctoral training and residency program where you mastered powerful and transformative karma healing methods. The techniques focus on identifying and releasing old karmic patterns of restriction and experiences we store and carry within us. Please tell us more about your apprenticing with the master karma healer, and what you learned.

Dotty: The training was taught with a large emphasis on experiential learning. There were three areas of training:

1) Esoteric training and philosophies of spiritual healing. The esoteric practices taught included concentration, meditation, awakening the light body, samadhi (state of experiencing oneness beyond comprehension), breath work, study of the philosophies and traditions of spiritual healing modalities.

2) The karma healing system. History and development of karma healing, understanding karma: comparative and philosophical and historical approaches, celestial chakra system, karma and dharma archetypes, seed karmas, karma operatives and adjectives, karma diagnosis and karma clearing technique.

3) Clinical (practicum). Diagnostic methodologies: behavioral, visual, interview, chakra imbalance and narrative diagnosis supervised on actual clients. A research project had to be presented. I did mine on Karmic Behaviors Evidenced in Young Children.

ST: That’s a lot of training. You also received an Advanced Meditation Teacher Certification after completing hundreds of hours of training with Davidji, a meditation master and internationally recognized stress expert and author. How does your meditation practice help you with your client work in karmic healing?

Dotty: Completing Davidji’s Advanced Meditation Teacher Certification totally helps me with my karmic healing. Davidji is a brilliant and amazing meditation master.  He has a gift of showing how meditation can open a whole new world for each of us. He has been instrumental in helping me bring this work into the world. He is all about creating community and how we all can encourage each other along our individual paths and make a contribution to the well-being of people all over the world.

ST: Your karmic healing, or “Destiny Breakthrough” sessions, are designed to clear the karma which holds us back and blocks us from living more joyous and satisfying lives. Just by listening to your clients talk and asking questions, you have an amazing ability to zero in on the subject’s karma which present themselves as the client’s issues or challenges—what they seem to fail to overcome in their lives—in other words, where they are stuck.

Please tell us a little more about your process for honing in on the client’s stored patterns of restrictions they carry within them, bringing it to light and helping them release it. Is this more about accessing what’s known as the Akashic Records, kind of like the great hall of records of a soul’s experiences and challenges?

Dotty: I really do not know much about the Akashic Records. In my work, I believe we carry in with us a layer of our aura which is called the “light body” and it carries information from past lives. The light body carries dharmas which are gifts, and karmas which are things we vibrate that hold us back and cause unnecessary suffering in this life.

ST: That is very well said about karma, a term which many of us know, and the lesser-known dharma. What do you find most rewarding about the work that you do with clients in helping to release their old patterns and blockages?

Dotty: The most rewarding thing about my work is people are quite often blown away when I identify their karmas. It is like a huge blind spot is brought out to the open for them. Depending on the person, I have seen people have their life changed dramatically for the better really fast. Fall in love, new job, more money, more confidence…you name it and I have seen it happen.

ST: Not to go too much to the dark side so to speak but are there some clients who don’t have the intent or skills to release themselves from karma? Such as those who possibly unconsciously are okay with staying stuck, or are too fearful to change?

Dotty: You do not have to believe in this work in order to benefit you. I have had numerous people send a loved one to me, telling them I just needed a person I did not know to practice on. Usually they are men and usually it has to do with career. After the session, they totally agree with what I had to say and low and behold, they get the raise, the promotion, the new job very quickly. It is truly a divine mystery how it all works.

ST: Dotty, thank you for joining us today.

Dotty O’Donnell is available for Destiny Breakthrough readings. For more information, please visit her Destiny Game Changer website or call 781-858-6740.


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