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November 2019: Astrology, Numerology And Energy Outlook

November 2019: astrology, numerology and energy outlook

November is lighter from the energetic perspective than October’s energies. But it doesn’t mean an easy ride when the universe is singing new notes. The month begins with Mercury moving retrograde which is sure to mess up communications, technology and travel, a strong one since Mercury is in Scorpio, known for its intensity and connection to the psychic and emotional realm. The influence of Scorpio continues until November 22.

From the numerology perspective, with the 1-1 energy of the month, a master number, focus on patience and flexing your diplomacy skills when things get intense, notes numerologist Felecia Bender in her monthly forecast at AstroStyle. Try not to get too wrapped up in feeling overwhelmed with emotions and taking things personally.

Cosmic teeter totter, seeking balance

From the cosmic perspective, many of us are working on shifting our identifies and trying on new energies. This is about personal and collective consciousness, notes intuitive Lee Harris in his monthly forecast blog for November 2019. Watch for surprises, craziness in the world around you. This shift is required in order to hold the energy required to get to higher levels of consciousness.

Harris recommends writing down what you have to offer the world and what you want to receive more of from it. But he warns: “Just because you’ve written those things down doesn’t mean that you have to act on them. I firmly believe these things take care of themselves and that there’s a perfect timing for all of us. Just going through this process will help you bring some of the energy that you’re feeling in your stomach into your consciousness and help you start to see and move with it a little bit.”

Harris says the things we want to make happen in our lives may actually be more difficult for us to create and have happen unless we are in tune with its energy. It requires us to be a greater match to the energy of what we want. On the other hand, taking immediate action on your visions may not be prudent, Harris cautions. By listening to your own intuition and practicing intuitive listening with others, we can learn to work with our intuition to create the most meaningful changes whether for yourself personally or the greater good. “There’s a little more measure and a little more support on the ground for your spiritual messages and your spiritual visions, so it is a little easier to make them real,” he says.

Back to the Mercury retrograde

From the practical perspective, the big guideline with retrogrades is to re-do, re-think, revise and otherwise take a look at whatever you have left undone, unsaid or which feels like it needs attention. Pandora Astrology says during this Mercury retrograde to keep it real: “Expect a deep-dive into your own psychology this month, and attempts to direct attention away from your own shortcomings and onto the flaws of others are likely to lead only to bad results.”

The quest for balance plays out again with Libra’s influence in November. The strong emotional undercurrent of Mercury retrograde is amidst the backdrop of Mars in Libra, where the planet of action has been since October 3, which deals with how we attack the problems of life or how we take initiative as expressed through the discernment process of fair-and-balanced judge Libra, notes the Aquarius Papers in “Astrology in early October Through late November 2019.”

Around November 5, Mars is in Libra locks into a tense square with calculating Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of structures and hierarchies, a recipe for conflict with others. Pluto and Mars also co-rule deep Scorpio. “Since combative Mars is in low-power ‘detriment’ while in peacekeeper Libra, any attempts to compromise could be challenged until November 19,” notes the AstroTwins in their AstroStyle November 2019 forecast blog.

A Saturn sextile with Neptune on November 8 may have people taking a serious look at religion and spirituality. “This as an aspect that also takes organic, practical steps towards health and medicine. Ideally, this soft aspect can bring out the best in two planets that can be melancholic and deceptive otherwise,” notes Dark Star Astrology in “Saturn Sextile Neptune-Super Natural.” It’s also good time to keep level-headed and stick with the tried and true.

November 11 marks Lesser Epiphany Day which has potential for magic. It’s not an ordinary Mercury-Sun conjunction but behaves more like an eclipse which will intensify its effects.

November 12, 2019 full moon in Taurus

The energies will soften in the month when Taurus invites us to get grounded and pursue everyday pleasures under a friendly full moon. “During the three days surrounding the moon (November 11-13), take a break and return to simpler things,” says Pandora Astrology.

Overall the moon in Taurus this month with the influence of Vesta, which encourages focus, and clear, sealed boundaries, nearly pushes drama away. All of this creates a counter-balance to the investigations of Mercury and the Sun.

Leo King is among the astrologists who talk about this kind of detective work in the earlier part of the month as Mercury and other planetary influences may cause us to vacillate over decisions. Pandora Astrology adds: “If you can’t make up your mind this month, go with your instincts.”

Many will be breathing easier when Mercury goes direct on November 20, in time for the season of Sagittarius on November 22.

One trouble spot remains: Mars is also rearing up to create trouble on or around November 24 when the sometimes combative planet of action opposes Uranus, the planet of surprise and innovation. “Mars will directly oppose Uranus at a 180-degree tug-of-war….This would not be the day to travel, for Uranus is the planet ruling all things unexpected, so it is hard to pinpoint precisely what might come up,” notes Susan Miller of AstrologyZone in her various forecasts for the zodiac signs.

November 26, 2019 new moon in Sagittarius

The new moon in Sagittarius will herald in a lighter mood and this one is particularly beneficial, notes Pandora Astrology. It’s a good time to find harmony despite differences when you draw on Sagittarian tolerance and celebrate shared ideas.

“With all new moons, the goodness begins to flow after it arrives, not before,” says AstrologyZone’s Miller. And at month’s end, Venus in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus casts a cheery light on things on November 28, Miller notes.

Big, farther away planets to the earth like Neptune don’t have as strong of an influence like closer planets such as Mercury. But when Neptune goes direct on November 27 after a retrograde since June 21, it will release restrictions for some, including in the negotiations and pay raise departments.

In summary, this month of November 2019 is about playing new notes in our lives in a more real, in-the-moment-way rather than just going through the motions. Harris says: “There a whole new series of notes and new messages in consciousness—it’s changing. And this all relates back to the identity shift…it’s a soul shift.

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