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May 2020:  Astrology, Numerology And Energy Outlook

May 2020: astrology, numerology and energy outlook

Many of us can take a collective breath with the slowing of planetary activity in the month of May, combined with the stabilizing energy of Taurus. The 5 energy of May, however, while light and cheery, is prone to make us a little too carefree considering we’re in the midst of a global pandemic.

The 5 energy of the month of May sparks restlessness and many of us are going to want to break #StayatHome rules, still imposed across many regions. When 5 combines with the 4 vibration of the universal year number (2+0+2+0=4) challenges result, so many may ignore what they’ve done in April’s more stable 4 energy. “As the 5 month begins, it blends with the energy of Taurus season, you may feel like you’re wanting to be free, which is challenging given the many continued stay-at-home orders due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic,” notes numerologist Felecia Bender in the AstroStyle May 2020 numerology overview.

May 7 brings a powerful full moon in Scorpio which promotes strong intuition and the revealing of secrets. “This moon pits the intense, passionate Scorpio moon against a logical and grounded Mercury in Taurus,” notes astrologist Maria Shaw in her newsletter.

Through most of the month the energy of Taurus—practical, sensual and grounded—stays with us. “People who exemplify Taurus are practical, sensual and consistent. The very epitome of slowness and solidity, Taurus values peace and sustainability,” notes Pandora Astrology in its monthly astrology overview for May 2020.

Slowing the roll with planetary retrogrades

From the astrology perspective, the retrogrades of a few planets are slowing things down in May. Expect reduced activity and tentativeness. Astrologist Susan Miller of Astrology Zone notes in her Virgo forecast for May 2020: “In summary, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are all retrograde or about to retrograde—five out of eight planets—so we are entering a time when progress will be slow. The universe is asking you to review your progress over the past 18 months, with special emphasis on the most recent six months.”

Miller advises to take the coming months to adjust your strategy overall or a particular project, as needed.

Consider the forces of these retrogrades which add to the general slowdown and delays while encouraging us to review things:

Saturn influences and retrograde  

We noted in our April 2020 forecast blog, Saturn is in Aquarius through about July 1, 2020 which may  encourage authorities and governments to take greater action to combat COVID-19. Saturn’s retrograde, which begins around May 10 through about September 28, 2020, may make us feel less pressured about structure with the knowledge we still have to attend to our responsibilities.

Astrology site WeMystic notes in their May 2020 blog, the Saturn retrograde period is a time to examine “the contrast elements that prevent the construction of healthy limits, the preservation of individuality/originality, the development of positive social bonds, and the pursuit of dreams.”

“Saturn rules boundaries and isolation; Aquarius governs group activity and our social lives,” add the AstroTwins in their AstroStyle May 2020 blog. “Expect to see wildly lopsided lifestyles as some states and countries loosen quarantine restrictions while others tighten their lockdowns.”

Around July 1, structured Saturn makes another lap this year through Capricorn for the remainder of its retrograde period with important conjunctions then and around November 12.

Other planetary forces, such as the combination of Jupiter and Pluto, tug on our need for personal power, according to the blog at Astrology website entitled “2020 Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction: Birthing Ambition and Passion from the Core,” while inciting extreme ambition for personal power. The article by Gary Crawford suggests the transit of Jupiter and Pluto “through Capricorn along with Saturn means that we will need to adjust aspirations to contend with the limitations we face in regard to material resources and available time and space.”

In other words, this powerful planetary lineup calls us to adjust our game plans as necessary.

More on Jupiter and Pluto retrogrades

Jupiter retrogrades on May 14 through September 12 in disciplined Capricorn, affecting financial markets and business. The time, says WeMystic in their May 2020 astrological aspects blog, is a “good season to question the personal idea of success, and everything that involves the mission of life, and the projection of the professional career.”

As we noted in the April 2020 energy forecast blog, Pluto, which rules death, is already retrograde (on April 25). Pluto goes forward on October 4, and many astrologists have suggested the coronavirus will recede in May, rearing up again in late fall after Pluto is in forward motion. “As the bountiful and visionary planet makes a U-turn (Jupiter), we may need to scale back our grand plans or temporarily tighten our belts,” notes the AstroTwins in their May 2020 astrology blog. Jupiter and Pluto have two more conjunctions this year in Capricorn on June 30 and November 12.

Again, as suggested earlier, it’s a great time to assess how you use your time and energy.

Venus retrograde

Venus retrogrades on May 13 through June 25, disrupting harmony between friends and family. Old friends or lovers could come out of the woodwork. Have firm boundaries but be flexible as you adopt new perspectives. Notes WeMystic in its May astrology overview: “Economic, sentimental and creative matters require a different approach, to advance to the next level. Recognize where your desire for growth is pointing, and how to adopt a more flexible attitude.” Finally, because Venus rules beauty, it’s not a good time to try a new beauty routine or hairstyle, which runs counter to many of us who may be returning to reopened salons after COVID-19 restrictions.

Gemini influences

On May 20, the energy turns to airy Gemini as the sun enters the sign of the Twins where it stays through June 20. It’s a great time to multitask but also remember to focus. As WeMystic notes: “This moon is loaded with air placements, bringing in new cycles of socializing and a feeling of stable, civilized networking.”

The new moon in Gemini on May 22 is joined by Venus, the sun and Mercury in Gemini, making it a time for abundance, reaping what you’ve been sowing. For communicators, writers and those in the media, it’s a powerful time.

The bigger picture of May 2020 energy

Intuitive Lee Harris suggests the coronavirus pandemic is reflective of the cosmic energy between earth and the heavens, as many are feeling significant ups and downs with higher highs and lower lows. Not to mention increased anxiety due to the uncertainty and microdecisions we face daily.

Many will find that through all the ups and downs, they will be fine tuning their energy. Stuck, old ways and old consciousness are shaking lose now. With that, comes a fine tuning of values, which will be under the microscope and changing. “Through the sense of freedom that has been temporarily removed in your life, you learn not just what you miss and appreciated from everything pre (pandemic) this time, but also what you no longer miss and are perhaps ready to let go of,” Harris says in his May 2020 energy forecast video.

The process of letting go has its gifts, in the end, Harris suggests, as it’s “where the magnetic and abundant energies are stored right now. When we allow and accept, fear gets diffused,” Harris says. He advises to accept your circumstances. “Find a way to let it be present,” Harris says. Let the energy move, he says, in order to free up a lot of energy and move on.

These are apt words to close out the month in a time of restriction on personal freedom.

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