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May 2019:  Astrology, Numerology And Energy Outlook

May 2019: astrology, numerology and energy outlook

 May is a gentle month energy-wise despite being a month of fast-moving energy. Welcome the softer energies of May when most of the month washes sensual Taurus energy over us.

Both intuitive Lee Harris and astrologist-numerologist Elizabeth Peru expect more heart energy coming in this month amidst fast-moving energy. Harris says people are feeling more alive, and having heart-felt conversations. “More peace is coming in even amidst the fast-moving energy,” Harris says.

Souls are charting their course now, says Elizabeth Peru in her May 2019 energy video, as many are really getting further aligned with their purpose. “Heart energy expands all around the physical field, connecting with that luminous field of energy that connects every human being, and as such, (you are) becoming the observer within it. It’s as though you are lifting right up off the tip of your head, and you are peering out over weeks and months and years into your future self,” Peru says. “You are in charge. You have the reigns. And you aren’t looking back. You are observing where you are heading. Soul will take you there.”

May in numerology springs forward

Here are a few ways to look at the positive forces in May from the numerology perspective:

  • May is a 5 month. Numerologist Glynis McCants notes that the 5 energy of May is “all about finding ways to seize the day.” Enjoy the beauty of spring, take a short trip and remember to find the joy in everything.  Imbued in the more sensual energy of Taurus, which is ruled by the planet Venus, is a good thing so pamper yourself.
  • Wealth numerologist Tania Gabrielle reports the month of May and the year of 2019, add up to a 17: a universal month of immortality, which is supportive of attracting new opportunities to create highly successful outcomes.
  • Combine the 5 of May with the year 2019, which breaks down to the number 3, you get 8. Intuitive Kari Samuels says 2019 is 8 universal month, represented in infinity symbol, representing prosperity and abundance. Now is a time for bringing yourself out and shining bright. The vibe is also more about getting in touch your soul’s purpose and spend time with those who share like mindsets. “Abundance is yours if you do what is in your heart. It is about spiritual abundance, emotional fulfillment and joy,” says Kari Samuels.  Seek joy, above all.

Soft energies this month

Taurus’ influence encourages self-care, whether that’s working out, massages, connecting with old friends and more.  After the new moon in Taurus and Mercury early in the month, watch for Venus entering Taurus on May 15 which further supports sensual pleasures through early June. In May, Venus comes into a reconciliation with her identify. AstroButterfly writes in their monthly blog:  “May is your opportunity to understand the reason why you value what you value.”

Don’t expect any huge kicks in the proverbial rear this month even though Saturn, the planet of lessons, is retrograde, and Pluto, the planet of transformation and change. Both of these planets continue their retrograde (backward) movement this month, bringing less in-your-face energies and a bit of a time out. As astrologist-moonologist Yasmin Boland describes the Pluto retrograde: “If you feel like you are being transformed at your very soul, from the inside out, then you are working well with Pluto.”

May 18 full moon in Scorpio

A lot of action and energy will be in the air on May 18 when Venus is conjunct Uranus which may add an impulsive energy to the mix. Overall for all signs, the May 18 full moon in Scorpio may be an emotionally moody time, says Pandora Astrology. Be the bigger person in relationships and if you open up the day also holds a sextile from Pluto, which also trines the planet Mercury in opposition to the moon. If you can master balancing mind and heart, you could be rewarded with greater intimacy at this time.

The full moon in Scorpio is a fun, more spontaneous full moon, suggests astrologist Susan Miller, for some signs, such as Virgo. On the other hand, Aquarians, will find May 18 bringing important career news, and for “praise and applause and to score a major, prestigious victory for your career,” Miller says.

Expect the energy of the month to move even faster later in the month, making your progress unimpeded in your work life and your home life. Pandora Astrology says the peak of efficiency arrives on May 21 when Mercury conjuncts the Sun and sails into its home sign of Gemini making it a true day of illumination that’s been culminating. “It’s a day when breakthroughs are possible, new understandings emerge and mental clarity and focus are at their height,” writes Pandora Astrology in their blog on Mercury retrograde, and adding in their monthly forecast: “Fast-moving insights and general clarity descend on your head.”

The month closes on May 31 with a Venus trine with Neptune transit, making it a great day to take stock and relax, and enjoy easy social connections.

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