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March 2020:  Astrology, Numerology And Energy Outlook

March 2020:  astrology, numerology and energy outlook

March 2020 is a big month but with a light vibe given the number 3 energy of the third month is about self-expression and enthusiasm. It’s a time of spiritual power and making the time commitment to develop your spiritual self.

From the numerology perspective, while the predominant vibe of March’s 3 energy is about communication and fun, you may be working to improve yourself while communicating your emotions and feelings, according to numerologist Felicia Bender.  “The work of a 3 month can feel fun and playful during Pisces, not deep and heavy, even as the sun moves into Aries on March 19,” Bender says in her numerology blog at AstroStyle.

The reflective, intuitive rule of Pisces runs until around March 19 when Aries, the great initiator, takes the helm until April 19.

Commit to tasks but take time out to develop spiritually

Natalie Olson of Numerologist, in her March 2020 numerology forecast video says: “Your connection to the invisible forces of the universe are on steroids. The veil between the physical and non-physical world is thinner.” But the 7 energy of the month which is created by the 3 energy of March combined with the 4 energy of 2020 (2+0+2+0=4) invites friction. You might say “I need to work hard, faster or smarter” and the obstacles may be insurmountable. In figuring your next moves, resist relying on too much outside support and instead rely on your own intuition.

From the cosmic perspective, intuitive Lee Harris says in his March energy video: “March is a time where you really feel the birth of your new identity.” With that comes huge energy around getting things done, what Harris calls “a whoosh of getting things done energy.” You will find grace and support in your efforts. You could be making physical changes in your life, such as diet or appearance, or you may be changing your circumstances or building something new.

“The real message around this energy of birthing the new identity that will show up in March is, there will be a lot of grace around it and a lot of support and a lot less chaos than we’ve seen over the last year or so,” Harris says. “If you aren’t getting things done in March that you want to get done, it’s also going to light a fire underneath your inner saboteur, and it’s going to create a few interesting reactions for you emotionally, energetically and perhaps practically in the world that slightly force you towards grounding some of the things that you want to ground,” Harris says. Again, the friction is there, and relying on your intuition will help. Bask in the power of silence, Harris says, and take the time to reset. That might mean taking a longer break than usual from your phone or a vacation.

Throughout much of the month, the potent planets of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, align in Capricorn, and in the case of Mars and Saturn, shift to Aquarius. “Saturn is still the master of center stage, both in Capricorn and Aquarius, and this month helps us crystallize elements of our individual, mental, and spiritual being before making its ingress into Aquarius, giving us a front end look at the long-term future,” says astrologist Richard Wilkinson of Aquarius Papers in his March 2020 outlook blog.

March 9, 2020: full moon in Virgo

On March 9, life becomes less muddled when Mercury moves direct, supported by the full moon in organized Virgo. The Mercury retrograde, in Pisces, brought a lot of confusion though some of that mood may linger, reports Pandora Astrology, because Neptune joins the Sun in Pisces in opposing the Virgo moon. “Be aware of any tendency to project onto other people, to see traits in them that aren’t there, or to delude yourself about people or their motives,” notes Pandora Astrology in their monthly forecast blog.

March 11, March 20: do you believe in magic?

The most magical days of the month, according to some astrology reports, are March 11 and March 20, with some of the planetary influences applicable to all signs of the zodiac. On March 11, Jupiter and the Sun are supportive of each other, notes Susan Miller of Astrology Zone. Astrology King calls this sun sextile Jupiter transit one of the most fortunate of all transits in astrology, bringing optimism, good luck and happiness in its article on the topic.

On March 20, Jupiter conjoins Mars bringing financial good news to some, under the influence of action-oriented Mars, and love to others, among other blessings. “When Mars works with Jupiter, actions leads to profit,” Miller says in the Gemini astrology forecast though this could apply to all signs.

The Mars-Jupiter meet up hasn’t occurred in Capricorn, Miller notes, in many years (1984 to be exact), and it won’t happen again until another 36 years from now. Mars and Capricorn are quite compatible. “Mars loves to be in Capricorn—the ancients wrote that Mars is exalted here and thereby expresses his greatest powers of energy and optimism in this sign…This is a truly magical alignment. Mars will urge you to take action, and Jupiter will see that you receive rewards from taking that action.”

Other astrologists note March 20 brings confidence, courage and a take-charge attitude. In its blog on key astrological transits for the month, WeMystic says: “If you want to start a new professional project, it is the right time.”

Saturn heralds big changes, dawning in Aquarius

Saturn starts some fancy footwork this month, beginning its move in Aquarius from March 21 until July 1, before taking a break into a more permanent position from December 16, 2020 through early March 2023. The move by structured Saturn into futuristic Aquarius, which rules progress, technology and collective action, hasn’t occurred since the early 1990s and you can expect change. “Humanitarian Aquarius rules the future while sensible Saturn is the master planner and guard. The world could use a large dose of the innovative strategizing this cosmic cycle brings,” notes AstroStyle in its article, “Saturn in Aquarius: Three Years of Technology, Progress and Justice.” Think communal life, communal living, the Internet of Things and new waves of social justice.

March is sure to go out with a bang, too, when Mars, associated with passion, sex drive and war, moves into Aquarius on March 30, making another exact meetup on March 31, also with Saturn. “The impact could be like having one foot on the brake, the other on the gas,” notes AstroStyle in its March 2020 horoscope blog.

March is indeed action packed, and many will be feeling the sense of renewed vigor but also peace and purpose.

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