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March 2019:  Astrology, Numerology And Energy Outlook

March 2019: astrology, numerology and energy outlook

March is a month of momentum. Like the blustery winds of March suggest, hang onto your hats this month, and be prepared to release what’s been holding you back. From the numerology perspective, March is a 3 number, which is about self-expression, and even magic. Combined with the 3 energy the year 2019 (2+0+1+9 equals 12, which breaks down to a 3), as the Universal energy for the year, you can expect to double the energy in the month of March.

In her blog “3 Universal Year: Tap Into The Power Of Creativity,” numerologist Felecia Bender says the Universal energy indicates what elements of life are being highlighted and supported during a given year by everyone. “The year (2019) brings opportunities for some new ideas to be expressed and created. It’s earmarked for all of us to take a deep look at how we communicate our deepest feelings, desires and fears,” Bender says.

Momentum and release

From the cosmic perspective, intuitive Lee Harris also sees magic in the air this month, amidst a month of momentum, clarity and release. “There will be a lot of magic, a lot of forward flow and a lot of forward momentum around plans that you have perhaps felt very intuitively to sit back on for a while,” Harris says in his March monthly energy video, noting the last 6 months or so have been a time of review, clearing out and surprises. “Release means change, evolution, growth. We are shedding parts of us that we are no longer aligned with, or parts of our lives that are no longer true for us.”

Both Bender and Harris foresee our shadow sides come into play with the energy of the year and month.  Bender says: “…The universal energy for 2019 invites us into the sandbox, onto the stage and into the spotlight, and reminds us to play, to laugh, to find lightness in the shadows and to shine our light into the dark crevices in order to bring creative solutions to the global table.”

Harris says in his monthly energy blog and companion video: “But equally, there can be a shadow side with momentum which can raise to the surface all the areas where you feel stuck, unclear or confused. So for a smaller percentage of us this month, there is going to be a shadow side—a questioning of, ‘Have I done the right thing? Why did I do what I’ve done? Is this really the path for me? I don’t know where to go now.’ ”

Let your shadow side bring out where you feel stuck or confused. Then you’ll get the momentum you need. Likewise, the clarity you need will come this month.  Harris says: “Those of you who recognize the feelings of discomfort or confusion and have been feeling them for months, this is the month where things break and burst and pop open.”

Mercury retrograde: March 5 to March 28

A big month isn’t complete with retrograde of Mercury to spice things up. Basically even before the retrograde starts on March 5, you can expect mishaps, changes to your calendar, as the planet that rules communication, travel and contracts starts to travel backwards. So make sure you dot all your i’s and cross your t’s but try not to commit to anything significant in writing. It’s not a time to sign papers and contracts, notes Susan Miller of Astrology Zone. “Later, you’ll only have to renegotiate the contract, assuming you’d even want to reenter this relationship,” Miller says in her Virgo horoscope for March 2019. The same goes for verbal commitments.

March 6: Pisces new moon and Uranus back into Taurus

March 6 brought far more than the friendly new moon in Pisces which may invite many to focus. The day brought big changes when Uranus ingressed back to Taurus. In the words of Pandora Astrology about this transit: “He’s not just back for a visit, this time Uranus means to bring radical change to how we eat, how we think about money and how we feel about our bodies.”

Some may recall that in May 2018, Uranus stopped on its 84-year journey ‘round the Sun, stopping back into Taurus. Uranus stayed there for several months before retrograding back into Aires and now returns to Taurus where it will stay until April 2026. Uranus will stay in Taurus for about 7.5 years, and during this time, astrologers are predicting many changes to how we handle our resources from money to food, and more. For more on the Uranus transit, see our May 2018 energetic outlook blog.

For a personalized look at what the Uranus-Taurus pairing means for your astrological sign, you can look up the forecast for your sun sign and rising sign at astrologist Yasmin Boland’s “Uranus in Taurus 2019: What does it mean” article here. [Note to Cancer signs: Boland uses “Moonchild” to replace Cancer.]

On March 20, the full moon in Libra puts emphasis on balance and relationships. It may also be a time overall to take stock or do something fun. Plus, Venus and Jupiter will be working in tandem at the full moon, peaking in alignment on March 21, to make it a great day to take time for yourself. Venus will be in Aquarius from March 1 to 26, so it will especially put those born under the Aquarius sign “in the mode for love and fun,” notes astrologist Susan Miller.

Overall, you can expect March to be about momentum and with Uranus settling back into Taurus for the long haul, clarity and un-stuckness as to how you are living your life. As Harris says: “Clarity is going to be quite blinding in March from the human perspective.”

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