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June 2019:  Astrology, Numerology And Energy Outlook

June 2019: astrology, numerology and energy outlook

June is a relatively calm month from the astrology perspective but a month where inward reflection may cause us to take a lot of action. It’s a month of mental activity, too, with Gemini’s influence. You may be taking more steps to get in touch on a deeper level with your soul’s purpose which will inspire action. Of all the summer months, it’s the best month for taking action with July’s energy slowing down due to the next Mercury retrograde.

From the numerology perspective, June (6) and 2019 (2+1+9 equals 12 = 3) represents the number 9 in universal energy which encourages humanitarian efforts. “The 9 energy teaches you to be yourself, to individuate. It’s the ending of a cycle, and also associated with the old soul,” says astrologist-numerologist Kari Samuels in her monthly energy video. “So while your personality might love group energy, the 9 teaches you to be different and to stand out from the group,” she says.

June is great month to set your intentions and communicate with others. On June 7, many will become inspired with their own ideas or those of others when Mercury, representing communication and creativity, sextiles Uranus, the planet of innovation. Both Susan Miller of Astrology Zone and the astrologists at Pandora Astrology note June 17 is a great day to brainstorm ideas, especially for Aquarians which are ruled by Uranus. Miller says: “The inspirations that you come up with are likely to be brilliant on June 7,” especially dealing with communication arts, technology, etc.

The energy of Gemini in much of the month encourages socializing, in addition to a lot of mental activity. Plus, Venus, representing love and abundance, moves into the chatty communication sign of Gemini on June 9, staying resident until July. “Venus in Gemini is flirty and lots of fun, so the vibe should be quite good,” says astrologist and monologist Yasmin Boland.

Constriction before expansion, get in touch with intuition

In order to get to the center of your own self and in tune with yourself, sometimes chaotic energy or breakdowns are in order first before you can get to new levels of spirit or consciousness. Intuitive Lee Harris notes in his monthly energy video for June that there’s a lot of strong creational energy on the planet right now, which encourages a sense of community and harnesses expansion.

Before that expansion, you may have a mini meltdown, a sense of doom-and-gloom, or how-am-I-going-to-get-it-all-done moments before you can dive into things with a renewed focus. “To go to the next level, you have to constrict…We are in the perfect storm now alchemically for healing and elevation,” Harris says, suggesting to take any fears you may have of the unknown more lightly now. “Part of the joy of being human, and part of the unease is we don’t always know where we are going,” he says, recommending to re-claim your sensory, intuitive way of being.

Harris says to expect a lot of full-circle moments to keep happening throughout the next year. He adds in his June 2019 energy video: “You might be seeing yourself coming full circle in life with talents, dreams,  desires and abilities….someone could offer you an opportunity or a collaboration.”

Harris is among those cosmic energy forecasters which say that this month, much like May 2019, brings lighter, heart-based energy. “There’s a lot of sweet, heart energy connecting us to the dream in our soul’s heart,” Harris says, adding to expect a lot more synchronicities to come into your life, even rapidly. Pay attention to them.

Finding your soul’s purpose

Other professionals echo that sense of getting in touch with your soul’s purpose being in the cosmic air in June. Astrologist Boland’s newsletter suggests this is part of manifesting which is encouraged by Gemini’s influence in June, and in the context of the over-arching themes of 2019 that involve learning about your connection to the divine and how we create our own reality. Likewise, intuitive Elizabeth Peru, who offers a monthly astrology-numerology-cosmic forecast, notes that June is a “pivotal month of energetic change for the planet where souls are enacting their life purpose.”

To get to the level of change we want, you have to wake up and shake up. Harris says anger could be triggered for you in a surprising way. “Anger can lead to change and taking decisive action compared to other more passive emotions like fear, sadness and grief,” he says.

Neptune’s inner focus is a larger influence  

Around the middle of the month, on June 16, Jupiter, representing expansion, squares with Neptune, symbolizing dreams, fantasy and spiritual receptivity. The Neptune planetary action is one of the month’s largest influences and Neptune, representing dreams and the arts, among other things, will stay with us as “background music” all year as Miller puts it.

A square in astrology can mean a hard aspect or a lot of work. Seeking objectivity during this time is a good general guideline to keep in mind, cautions Pandora Astrology in their video on the topic, because it might be hard to distinguish between dreams and delusions versus reality.  And as Pandora Astrology puts it in their monthly energy blog: “And so Jupiter squaring Neptune will involve finding the middle ground between knowing it all and realizing that we actually know very little.” In the year of getting in touch with our divine spirit, noted elsewhere, Pandora Astrology says to put in work on your spiritual awakening, and examine your relationship to spirit.

Miller of Astrology Zone says: “If Saturn taps your left brain and encourages analysis, Neptune taps your right brain.”

On June 18, Saturn, planet of lessons, structure and goals, sextiles Neptune, a planet which also represents the arts. This transit can be more about bringing into physical reality what you want to create. When the two planets work together, Miller says, in her June forecast for Virgo, artists will benefit. “Saturn will help artists to be practical, to charge a realistic fee to allow them to continue their work, and to set up a plan for the future.” The two planets will be working together all year. For more on the Saturn sextile to Neptune and who is most affected, see Pandora’s Astrology blog, “Saturn Sextile Neptune: For All Who Work and Imagine.”

Then on June 21, Neptune goes retrograde. This can make us go inward as the veil becomes thinner, causing us to reflect on our spiritual self. What do you want to change or what do you appreciate within yourself? Without getting too focused on navel gazing, it’s a good time to stay grounded.

Choices and communication: full moon, June 17

The full moon in Sagittarius should prove to be light-hearted and playful but keep an eye on potential conflict in communications or even the own voices in your head of what you are projecting to the world. Is it your small voice, encouraged by Gemini, or your larger voice, supporting by Sagittarius’ big energy?

Mercury and Mars will be exactly conjunct in the north node of the full moon in Sagittarius on June 17. Overall, intuitive Samuels calls it an extraordinary full moon for setting intentions and making choices to move out of old patterns into what or who you want to become. “The choices you make now you will come to fruition during next month’s eclipses,” Samuels says.

On the other hand, Pandora Astrology cautions against the tendency toward delusion and conflicting voices at the general time of any full moon when emotions run high. Think about your own personal truth against those of the world without forcing your own beliefs onto others.

Setting the stage for next month

On June 27, the Sun and Uranus will be in electric harmony in a sextile, and there could be breakthroughs on the home or personal front. The day is also good for making yourself stand out from the crowd. Indeed, this sentiment could be applied to much of the month of June 2019. “It’s only from being different and finding your own way, is when you can be the light onto the world and contribute in a way that’s meaningful, especially for you,” Samuels says in her monthly energy video.

Wrap up as many loose ends as you can by the end of the month for Mercury will be retrograde July 7 to July 31. Many will feel the slowdown of Mercury starting up to two weeks prior. And there are eclipses ahead in July so pay attention to how you set the stage in the month of June for July.

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