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July 2020:  Astrology, Numerology And Energy Outlook

July 2020: astrology, numerology and energy outlook

It doesn’t take much of a look at news headlines and social media to see the themes of power, control and freedom continue this month of July 2020 in a big way. The month starts out with the bang of the July 4-5 eclipse which puts a focus on issues coming to the surface and relationships. July will continue with a more fiery energy seen in the last half of the month where the vibe will be more supportive of the actions you take.

“What was shown to me was power, freedom and control are the three main issues flying across the planet right now,” says intuitive Lee Harris says in his July 2020 energy video, noting each issue contains all kinds of agendas. “We have our personal agendas, the part of us that wants freedom, the part of us that feels perhaps we’re disempowered and we’re trying to regain a sense of internal power, sometimes external power and control,” he says.

Similarly, much of the planetary aspects of the Saturn and Pluto conjunction in January 2020— the effects of which, along with related planetary movements continue through the year—has ushered in a major transformation to our outer worlds and inner worlds. In Pandora Astrology’s monthly overview blog for July 2020 covering the long-term shifts for 2020, the authors suggest the theme of the transit is oppression, and “it activated something we like to call the ‘Pandemic Hot Degree’ which contains an important spiritual lesson for humanity about power, control, vulnerability and responsibility.” For more on the Saturn and Pluto conjunction, see our January 2020 energy outlook blog.

Full moon lunar eclipse shakes out deeper truths

The full moon lunar eclipse on July 4-5 in marks the last in a three-series of eclipses in Capricorn-Cancer which have arrived about every six months in pairs, with the first beginning in July 2018. This series of eclipses has seen the focus on money, power and structure given the themes of Cancer and Capricorn, notes astrologist Susan Miller of AstrologyZone. Cancer’s representation includes home, self-care, and the unconscious, while Capricorn, the ruler of authority, government and hierarchies, thrives on responsibility and discipline. Indeed, our concepts of home and work as well as authorities such as the government have been upended in recent weeks following the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the unrelated civil unrest in many parts of the U.S.

“Eclipses bring truth, so sooner or later you will get to the bottom of what is happening, and because this is a full moon, you will get closure….The role of an eclipse is to test the strength of relationships and their conditions,” notes Miller in her astrology outlook for Aquarius for July 2020, which holds true for all signs.

Indeed, this eclipse may prompt us to declare the convictions of our truths. The outlook for July 2020 astrology overall, according to astrologers at AstroStyle: “has planets concentrated in three of the four leadership-oriented cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn and Aries), prompting us to square our shoulders and declare what we stand for.”

From the numerology perspective, the theme of vulnerability in the 7 energy of July is prevalent. The energy of the 7 month, especially when combined with the universal  number of 11/2 that also guides the 7, is about spiritual seeking and confronting some of the tougher areas of your life, notes numerologist Felecia Bender in her July 2020 overview at AstroStyle. “While these might be spaces and feelings you tend to avoid, your July 2020 numerology forecast is about digging into your vulnerability,” Bender says, noting the 7 energy brings needed objectivity which can lead to spiritual illumination.

You may have more time for such inner endeavors, too, because with several planets, such as Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto in retrograde this month, thinking before acting is also advised. For more on some of the retrogrades, see our May 2020 energy outlook blog at “Slowing the roll with planetary retrogrades.”

The good news is that with the Mercury retrograde ending on July 12, activity will be more efficient and less prone to delays, errors or breakdowns, so the actions you take in the last half of the month will be more effective, especially as it returns to full speed later in the month.

New moon in Cancer July 20 and beyond

Think balancing your emotions with prudence during the July 20 new moon in Cancer at 28 degrees which may bring feelings close to the surface, coupled with Mercury in Cancer (through August 4) which brings a sensitivity and potential for drama with old family communications or other loved ones. Don’t suppress your emotions but do pay attention to “other people’s feelings and helping them feel heard,” notes Pandora Astrology in their July 2020 overview.

While not as potent as the full moon eclipse earlier in the month, the July 20 new moon represents hard energy with Saturn in opposition and the influence of domineering Pluto, notes Miller of AstrologyZone.

Dealing with upheaval in 2020

To date, much of the themes of 2020 have been about upheaval with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction triggering the dramatic events in the world. Notes astrologist Maria Shaw in a recent newsletter: “…there will eventually be a huge transformation coming out of this. Pluto destroys to rebuild on a better foundation than we’ve had before.”

Indeed some of that rebuilding is underfoot. Intuitive Harris suggests the recent events of the last months with racial injustice is exposing what needs to be healed in a very painful process. Harris says in his July 2020 video: “It can be very re-traumatizing, it can be very heartbreaking, it can be angering…But we have to let all of that move through us before we are able to step forward and create something new.”

As a result, Harris suggests self-care and going deeper into our intuition will facilitate healing. “Look after yourselves and be patient with others and mindful of stresses and imbalances right now,” he says, noting to stay out of fear and into your heart energy as much as possible.

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