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January 2018 And Year Ahead: Astrology, Numerology And Energy Outlook

January 2018 and year ahead: astrology, numerology and energy outlook

What’s in store for the year and month of January 2018 energetically? This year is about building on your past. Take the work you did internally last year and watch things manifest at a greater pace this year. The key is taking action. Did you feel like you were pushing against the current in 2017? Many of us felt the harder energies of 2017. This year, if you set your intention and work to fulfill your goals, things will come more easily in 2018 than it did last year, say experts, because this year as an 11 master year in numerology.

This year, 2018, is a master 11 year (2+0+1+8) says intuitive Elizabeth Peru. It also a 2 year for the planet (1+1) which requires wisdom and maturity to navigate. “You are going to be applying what you’ve learned throughout your lifetime…Push less and allow a lot more,” Peru says of the year ahead. This is about emphasis on allowing the subtle energies throughout the year to support you.

The 11 or 2 energy is also about “acknowledging our differences with respect and without so much judgment,” notes numerologist Glynis McCants.

Speak your mind, heart and take action

Many say we can expect less turmoil, shootings, natural disasters and political unrest. Amen. Bringing in the energy of 2, partnerships and peace are themes this year and more people will be challenging the status quo this year.

The energy of judgment and defensiveness will linger this year where people may not be open to you when you express your feelings to them, says intuitive Lee Harris. When this happens, you may struggle with yourself and those who don’t allow you to express your feelings. Again, the energy of anger lingers this year. The good news is these hard energies can be softened by 2018’s energy of 2 which encourages community and support.

In January 2018, Harris says people will experience the growing wave of honest, raw communication. You may feel it personally, such as wanting to revisit something that happened with a friend to get feelings off your chest. Overall, Harris says follow your instincts this month and test your hunches with people. Maybe make a statement and see if they agree, or discretely delve deeper into their viewpoint about a situation.

Whatever you do in January and throughout 2018, take action! Don’t just look for signs around you that things are changing. Finish the internal work you started last year to really release old wounds. This year is not a year to stay stuck or else it’s going to hurt, Harris says in his monthly energy video. Take advantage of the uplifting and supporting energy of the year. “Love in action is where the growth lies for all of us…We are finding out how much more loving we can be to others and how much more of service we can be,” Harris says.

Moon influences in 2018

In January 2018, there are two “blue moons,” so called when two full moons occur in a calendar month. And blue moons only happen about once every two and a half years. Both January 2018 blue moons are “super moons,” moons which appear bigger and brighter than normal because it is closest to Earth in its orbit.

The New Year’s Full Moon magnified new beginnings. The first full moon in Cancer on January 2 brought softer energies and activated the 11:11 portal energy of the moon at 11 degrees in Cancer and the Sun at 11 degrees in Capricorn, notes astrologist Tania Gabrielle. Overall, the year is greatly influenced by moon energy with 5 lunar eclipses.

Full moons are times when your emotions rise to the surface so you can deal with them, clearing yourself out energetically, notes astrologist Yasmin Boland.

January 16, 2018 lineup of 6 planets in Capricorn

January 16 is the biggest moment of the month, a big day for everyone, when some astrologists say hidden secrets will be revealed, thanks to a connection between Jupiter and Pluto. Even more rare, on this day, the planets of Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Sun and the new moon will finish lining up in Capricorn. “Scientists tell us that we will never see seven planets aligned in one constellation again during our lifetime, but we will see six, and one of those dates will arrive on January 16, 2018,” notes Susan Miller of Astrology Zone.

“Everyone will feel this build-up of energy in one sign, but each zodiac sign will feel it in different ways,” Miller says. The planet Uranus, associated with big surprises and change, rules our higher minds, may bring the most complications to some as it will be in a hard aspect to the Sun, new moon and Venus, all in Capricorn. As Miller puts it: “Everyone of every sign will feel somewhat fragile, depending on where in the chart these aspects will fall.” For more detail, check your individual astrological and numerological forecasts, and so forth.

New moons are the best time to set your intentions for the month ahead so if you are planning or considering career and professional moves, go for it. The Capricorn new moon fully arrives in the evening hours of January 16 for those in the United States and it’s the best time to start manifesting those dreams, says astrologist Boland of Moonology.

Lastly, we have a total lunar eclipse on January 31 when the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow. The total lunar eclipse can appear red in some regions, also known as a blood moon. Eclipses have the strength of three full moons in one and can bring life-altering events and permanent change, notes Astrology Zone’s Miller. And it’s a blue moon (the second of two full moons in the month). The full moon on January 31 is in Leo, and astrologists say you will be able to access your shadow self more clearly.

All the emphasis on lunar activity and eclipses makes sense energetically because the moon represents our inner selves. 2018 is set up to make your external world around you more of a match to your inner world. So if you are stuck emotionally or energetically, don’t expect smooth sailing.

Overall, the year ahead brings mutable and transformational energy, and with that changeability comes movement, joy and more opportunities this year.

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