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February 2020: Astrology, Numerology And Energy Outlook

February 2020: astrology, numerology and energy outlook

The month of February 2020 brings a lighter, more positive outlook than last month’s heavier energy. Watch for the focus to continue on grounding, stability and a spotlight on relationships and group dynamics, say numerologists. The 2 energy of the month of February in numerology, combined with the 4 Universal Year number (2+0+2+0=4), creates a 6 energy which is about love and emotional connectivity.

February is also lightened by the sun in independent Aquarius, where it’s been since early January and where it stays until February 18. The sun is joined by Mars in optimistic and freedom-loving Sagittarius until February 16, where direct-motion Mars has been since early January.

February 9 full moon in Leo

The full moon in Leo around February 9 couples the jolly energy of Leo with action-planet Mars, sending magical beams to the sun and the full moon, notes Susan Miller of Astrology Zone, which could bring harmony for many, and in general put the focus on relationships.

Juno moves retrograde on February 8,  sure to “balance the self-absorption of Leo with the cool remove of Aquarius,” notes PandoraAstrology in their monthly videos. Juno’s backward movement encourages retrospection on relationships, and may cause some soul searching or potential conflict in getting your needs meet within a relationship.

Astrologist Maria Shaw notes the Leo full moon involves a harmonious trine from Mars, giving you “the needed push to get something started.” You may “gain more clarity and insight about what you want out of life…and how to get it. This is an excellent full moon to trust your instincts,” she says.

Getting serious in the mid-month shift to Capricorn

Later in the month, things get a little more serious with Mars moving into structured Capricorn on February 16 where it will stay until March 30, according to CafeAstrology. Bottom line: prepare to buckle down and get more disciplined in the last half of February. But this serious tone isn’t a total buzz-kill, as Mars will be joined by generous Jupiter, structured Saturn and transformational Pluto, according to the AstroTwins at AstroStyle in their monthly astrology outlook blog.

Plus, Pisces rule starts in earnest on February 18, bringing a creative and romantic energy to the mix.

February 23 new moon in Pisces

Imagination fuels ambition and innovation is the theme of the new moon in Pisces on February 23. Adding to the mix is the big Mercury retrograde in Pisces which starts on February 16 and continues through March 9, which is likely to muddle communications more than usual. Breakdowns in communications, travel, technology and schedules with an impending Mercury retrograde often start days ahead of the actual retrograde date, so by February 10 you may be feeling Mercury retrograde.

During the new moon around February 23, and concurrent with Mercury retrograde, a review of  how you approach creativity, spiritual endeavors,  or how you give service to others is in order. “After you go over this, you have some drive and innovation to help you out,” says Pandora Astrology in their video on the new moon in Pisces in relation to the Mercury retrograde. Mars, the keeper of energy and drive, also helps out.

The February 23 new moon brings a wealth of much-needed compassion with this annual Pisces new moon, notes AstroStyle in their monthly February 2020 horoscope, which “opens a channel to the divine and connects us back to our most intuitive and loving selves.”

The position of Uranus, the planet of surprises, with the new moon may bring more pleasant unexpected developments, supported by Jupiter in conversation with Neptune, starting around February 20. Both Jupiter and Neptune, slow-moving planets are in “close proximity and mathematical significance,” notes Miller, until mid-November 2020, bringing joy and an overall lighter feeling throughout much of 2020.

February 2020, cosmic big picture, bending time

From the cosmic perspective, look to new energy coming into awareness by many, including expanding heart energy, notes intuitive Lee Harris. Overall, this may cause some of us to be less reactionary. He brings up some of the more abstract aspects of consciousness when he says that the speed of time has changed, accelerating over the last several years, along with our relationship to time.

But are things still coming at you too fast? “Allow the speed of your life without fighting it and to find the slowness in it,” Harris says in his February 2020 energy video, suggesting to surrender to it and let go of our relationship with time in the old way to have a new relationship with time.

Likewise, many of us on a path of higher consciousness may find ourselves feeling “far more dimensionally separate” to others around us. You can still have the closeness with others but there may be a feeling of greater freedom within those relationships. Trippy, but nothing you can’t handle.

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