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February 2019:  Astrology, Numerology And Energy Outlook

February 2019: astrology, numerology and energy outlook

Overall the month of February brings good tidings and some will feel the major shift of Chiron, the wounded healer, make the transit from Pisces into Aries on February 18 where the focus will be on personal identity. In this month of love for Valentine’s Day, the energy invites us to speak our truth, including being honest with ourselves about relationships.

February is a month of 2 as the second month, and the 2 energy invites us to take a look at how we are doing emotionally, notes numerologist Glynis McCants, known as The Numbers Lady, encouraging you to release pent up emotional energy.

Intuitive Lee Harris suggests the energy of elevated love will broaden the awareness of many this month. An elevated state of love is starting to change the old karmic stories and will do for years to come. “More and more of us are going to be popping into that elevated experiential state where story, meaning, form around love (or what we thought love to be) is all changing,” Harris says in his monthly energy forecast.

Year of the pig and February 4 New Moon in Aquarius

The Chinese lunar new year came in on February 5, ringing in the year of the water pig. People born under the pig sign are friendly and good negotiators. A pig year is seen as heralding good fortune and luck for all, notes astrologist Yasmin Boland. Astrologically, the New Moon on February 4 in Aquarius harmonizes with the major planet of good luck and giver of gifts, Jupiter.

“The New Moon is the time to make wishes and send your intentions out into the world,” Boland says. Thus, the early part of February is a great time to continue to set your goals for the year.  “Sell your plans to the powers that be just after the New Moon,” Boland says, to maximize the energy of nearby Mercury. For more on how to set your intentions, see our blog.

“All new moons set up a portal of powerful energy that lasts ten days, and the ones clustered closed to the new moon, within 5 days, are the strongest,” says Susan Miller of AstrologyZone in her Aquarius February forecast.

Following Valentine’s Day, around February 17, Venus, in Capricorn, is sextile Neptune, the planet of unconditional love, which bodes well for taking love and soulful connections to the next level, says Pandora Astrology. Around February 17 or 18, the Sun is sextile Uranus, making it a great time to set yourself apart from the crowd and individualize yourself. This particular transit brings pleasant surprises and stimulating encounters, notes AstrologyKing, making it a good time to try something new and exciting.

February 18, Chiron moves into Aries: one of the year’s big events

With a similar theme on the individual, on February 18, Chiron, a planetoid represented by a centaur and known as the Wounded Healer, moves into the sign of Aries where it will stay, for the most part, until 2027. Chiron had been in Pisces since April of 2010, poking and healing our boundaries, and our relationship to spirit. But now, in Aries, the Warrior sign, the work will be to address any stubborn wounds that won’t heal especially around our personal identity, emphasizes Pandora Astrology.

“This work has nothing to do with what the world wants from you. It has to do with healing your sense of identity,” notes astrology website AstroButterfly. It’s been said our deepest wound is our greatest gift and this is true around identity wounds, however they manifest: needing a lot of external approval, trying to stand out by adopting an unusual appearance, feeling unworthy, staying invisible, or chained to addictions. The healing of these identity-related wounds can bring our greatest gifts into the world.

The Chiron transit into Aries is arguably the biggest astrological event of the month, and one of the biggest of the year.

The Chiron-in-Aries influence means there’s less tolerance for bullying, among other changes and shifts in the consciousness. For an in-depth look into this see Pandora Astrology’s blog, “Chiron Moves into Aries: Healing the Wounded Warrior” and AstroButterfly’s  blog, “Chiron Into Aries.”

Virgo full moon, February 19

The full moon, a Super Moon (appearing large in the sky) in Virgo on February 19 should be full of good, if not organized vibes, with “shimmering vibrations from Uranus, the planet of surprise,” Miller says in the AstrologyZone Virgo forecast for February. Mars, the planet of action and energy, is supportive at this time. The energy of a situation could change for the better. Either way, the Virgo energy encourages everyone to lend a helping mood, bringing attention to how we assist and aid others in our lives, whether through emotional support or serving in practical ways, notes Pandora Astrology in their monthly overview. Put your energy where it will do the most good.

While early in the month is good for setting intentions, around the full moon of February 19, Susan Miller says: “The job of a full moon is to crystallize a matter to a full point of conclusion,” noting it bodes well for making an important decision or experiencing a big event like getting engaged.

At the end of the month, finish up pressing business or loose ends to prepare for Mercury’s retrograde next month, from March 5 to 28.

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