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February 2018: Astrology, Numerology And Energy Outlook

February 2018: astrology, numerology and energy outlook

The softer energies are in full play this year as heralded in with the super blue “blood” moon of January 31. February is a relatively peaceful month, energy-wise. But as the energy or “vibe” in the air raises us higher, there’s pressure to raise your consciousness and take your life’s purpose more seriously. This energy will be heightened with the mid-month eclipse.

Above all, take comfort this month knowing the 2 energy of February speaks to your intuitive powers which can be magnified this month. February’s 2 energy also calls forth the vibration of love, notes numerologist Glynis McCants in her monthly newsletter. Just watch for sensitivities this month and heightened emotions.

Wisdom and maturity is required to navigate the year given the world number of 2018 breaks down to an 11 vibration or 1-1 master energy, making it a 2 (1+1) as the energy for the planet. Many will be seeking wisdom.

In the first half of the month, you may feel the uncertainty when many things, from decisions to projects, are up in the air. Prepare for the stronger eclipse energy coming February 15 when more will be known. Astrologist and numerologist Elizabeth Peru cautions to be conscious of what you are creating at this time of the month, prior to the eclipse, because “what you choose now multiplies” during the eclipse. Be very conscious of your choices in what she calls the eclipse doorway. Eclipses are when decisions are made and timetables are accelerated.

The full moon of January 31 opened the door to cosmic opportunities and the energy that has been building for years, in part, leading up to the February 15 eclipse. Astrologists say to look back to what you were doing around 1999 as eclipses repeat in exact sign and degree every 19 years. What was going on then? You may get a clue of what’s to come, says astrologist Susan Miller.

Take advantage of action energy with Jupiter, plus the February 15 eclipse

Saturday, February 10 is a pivot-point day to focus on personal goals and manifesting them, given the Sun’s square with larger-than-life Jupiter, says Tania Gabrielle, astrologist and numerologist. And take caution with the day, too, as communication will be strong. Some will be “extra preachy” on February 10, notes Pandora Astrology, given the sun’s hard aspect to self-righteous Jupiter.

February 15 marks the new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius with the electric energy of Uranus coming in. Manifesting will come into action in the middle of February, February 15 at 4:05 p.m. EST, with the new moon solar eclipse at 28 degrees Aquarius.

“All eclipses bring with them a flood of daylight so that we can see our situations with greater clarity,” writes astrologist Susan Miller of Astrology Zone, noting that eclipses in Aquarius point to improvements involving digital and electronic media.

Astrologist Yasmin Boland of Moonology recommends the time of the new moon to set your intentions for the month ahead. “By getting clear on what you want, you will effectively be sending out arrows of desire that cannot help but start to manifest. Of course you also need to work towards your dreams,” she says.

Focus on taking action this month toward fulfilling your purpose and dreams. If you are on the spiritual path and considered a lightworker and, even if you’ve had your own share of struggles, this month is good to take strong action tempered with self-care, says intuitive Lee Harris. “Lightworkers are having to come to terms with: it’s time to get in the trenches and really be action-based,” he says.

And people will be speaking out. Harris notes the energy of peace and visionary awakening is going to be activated this month in others who normally don’t express their spiritual selves or talk about “energy.”  He advises to “tackle suffering head-on this year,” by starting with a list of all the support you will need, and to give yourself time and space to process what you are going through.

Remember, that while the first-half of the month will feel quiet, get ready for the release of energy that comes with eclipses. “The energy becomes clearer. The way forward will be obvious,” Peru says.

Pandora Astrology sums up this year’s energy well when saying 2018 is a good year for spiritual contemplation, retreat and discovery of your true path. The forecast calls to: “Get into conversation with your Greater Self; align your puny everyday will with your eternal being’s Great Will and when you pray to your Greater Self for guidance and wisdom, answers will come to you.”

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