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Divinatory And Energy Healing Resources For COVID-19

Divinatory and energy healing resources for COVID-19

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in 2020 has caused unprecedented changes in daily life, following the initial detection of the respiratory illness in Wuhan, China in 2019. Precautions to stop the spread of the virus to save lives—from social distancing to closing businesses—is undoubtedly stressful with great consequences to jobs and economic security. Especially in these times of great uncertainty, the disciplines of astrology, numerology and cosmic forecasting can shine a light on the future in all aspects of life, including the effects of the global pandemic.

We want to have more certainty about our futures. To this end, many leading astrologists, numerologists and intuitives are reporting on how the pandemic may play out in terms of timing on cures and containing it, the economy, and its greater effects on humanity and our spiritual lives.

We’ve assembled these resources from those on the front lines of energetic healing who are reporting their insights and outlooks into the pandemic:

  1. Intuitive Lee Harris: watch his monthly energy videos at his website, YouTube and more, for COVID-19 updates.
  2. Intuitive Cyndi Dale: among many resources at her website, listen to the free COVID-19 meditation, follow her on social media, and find her videos on YouTube with energetic healing tips.
  3. Astrologist Susan Miller: find your monthly forecast for your astrological sun sign at her website, and follow AstrologyZone on social media. Read Miller’s “2020 Coronavirus Outlook” report.
  4. Astrologist Maria Shaw: sign up for her newsletter to receive astrological updates and find her on social media.
  5. Astrologists AstroTwins: find resources like blogs and podcasts on their website and social media, including their COVID-19 report, “Plagues, Pandemics & Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions in History: What Astrology Reveals.”
  6. Numerologist Felicia Bender: find her blogs at her website, follow her on social media, and at Astro Twins website, read her report on “The Numerology of Covid-19.”

Here are some practical resources to combat stress, anxiety and uncertainty:

Remember, forecasts from these types of practitioners do not define your path or future but they can support your journey. If you like these resources, we invite you to sign up and download our “2020 Forecast Guide,” featuring leading resources which offer free astrology, numerology and cosmic forecasts on a year-round basis, available here.

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