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December 2018:  Astrology, Numerology And Energy Outlook

December 2018: astrology, numerology and energy outlook

December 2018 is all about moving forward. This month, the cosmic energy is encouraging human connection and transformation and so are other energies.

From the planetary perspective, Mercury, the planet of communication and travel, came out of its retrograde movement and went direct on December 6. From the numerological perspective, the month of December, as the 12th month of the year, reduces to 1 plus 2 equals 3. Numerologist Glynis McCants in her December 2018 newsletters notes: “That number combination pushes you forward and encourages your success.”

Leveling up your energy

Collectively, strong planetary and political energies continue. Intuitive Lee Harris, in his monthly energy video, says many of us are going through a “leveling up” at this time. Expect speed bumps. We may have breakthroughs and then go through a regression or a crash emotionally or energy-wise. “This leveling up energy will continue for the next three months,” Harris says, noting it’s a myth to think we can be balanced or constant all the time. The next three months will culminate into greater awareness and a sense of individual and collective power.

Use whatever tools you have such as meditation and other calming activities to get out of fear and judgment. Many will move out of feeling fear and casting judgment quickly. Even on the soul level, many of us may be feeling old generational pain; we’re good at it because we are empathic. This group, which goes in and out of heart-based spaces, is going through a transformation, Harris says. Some of this is around the “leveling up” where we have to go through mini-breakdowns which later make way to breakthroughs where you will be in a better, more elevated consciousness.

Be mindful of your fear and other’s fear. Is it yours or are you picking it up from others? Harris says we are fed and swallow fear, from other people and sources. “It is that fear which drives us into knotted emotions, where we feel overwhelmed or like we can’t breathe or function because of our emotional or psychological state,” he says. To remedy this, if you are doing well, be as compassionate as you can to others.

December 6 Mercury direct

Along with Mercury’s direct motion on December 6, the new moon enters the sign of friendly Sagittarius, a mutable, fire sign that’s associated with home and faith. “Mercury also links to the healing planetoid Chiron just after the New Moon. Mercury is the communications planet and Chiron is about healing past hurts,” notes astrologist and “Moonologist” Yasmin Boland in her blog “The Mercury Factor and the New Moon.”  Chiron, representing the wounded part of your birth chart, is a small planet or planetoid.

The beginning of December is a great time to set intentions while taking action. Astrologist Susan Miller of AstrologyZone reminds us: “All new moons open a portal of energy that lasts ten days. The actions you take in the days that come just after the new moon are very potent…”

Planetary action on December 21 and December 22

The friendly Sagittarius vibe of the month continues until December 21, and on this day, good-fortune planet Jupiter makes a rare conjunction with Mercury, making it a great day for many, and smooth travels. There is also a Venus trine with watery, imaginative and spiritual Neptune, encouraging creativity.

If that’s not enough, on December 21, the Sun will also move into more serious Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. This may bring confrontations to some. Susan Miller notes in her Virgo horoscope for December: “With Saturn, you always have to make a choice: there is almost never a way to put things off.”

On December 22, the full moon is in zero degrees of Cancer. As Pandora Astrology notes, there will be a profound sensitivity to this moon. Chiron is readying to leave Pisces for decades (43 years), and will form a square to the full moon on December 22, bringing to the surface wounded feelings of the collective unconscious. That’s a lot. Given that Cancer is an emotional sign anyway, you might be moved deeply; the trigger may not make you feel like yourself.

Generally speaking, full moons are all about letting go and making a clean slate of lower energies, and negative patterns, notes Yasmin Boland. It’s a time of release and forgiveness.

AstrologyZone’s Susan Miller adds that Uranus, the planet of surprise will be active on December 22, sending a “thrilling beam to the full moon and Sun simultaneously,” which may bright a surprise gift or bonus to some.

The month is capped off on December 31, when Mars, a planet of action, moves into Aries, a sign of action and intensity. All in all, December is a bright month.

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