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December 2017: Astrology, Numerology And Energy Outlook

December 2017: astrology, numerology and energy outlook

December 2017 is a month of reflection and release. It’s also about joy and heart energy. The 3 energy of the 12th month (which adds up to a 3) encourages compassion and sharing your joy and happiness with others. The number 3 vibration tugs on you to get in touch with your inner child and have fun.

Intuitive Lee Harris notes that wonder will link with heart energy in December 2017. In his monthly energy video, he says for those who are over the fear that seems to be an undercurrent in recent months that it will be a time of “connection, intimacy and your feeling very safe to be alive on this planet.”

Mercury retrograde in expansive Sagittarius

The full “super moon” of December 3 was in Gemini: think liberation and releasing whatever did not work out for you in 2017.  Did you experience havoc earlier in the month of December? Is it continuing as the month goes on?  Mercury, the planet that rules communication and travel, turned retrograde, in Sagittarius, on December 3 and continues until December 22. During any Mercury retrograde, misunderstandings often occur, missed appointments, forgotten items and delays in shipping and travel.

Sagittarius is the wanderer and storyteller, and when Mercury is visiting this sign it is time for a quest to discover meaning. Sagittarius rules long journeys which can pull you out of your comfort zone and serves to expand your personal consciousness, according to Pandora Astrology. Plus, the moon and the sun is in a hard aspect to Neptune, adding confusion to happenings around December 3 plus or minus four days, according to Susan Miller of Astrology Zone.

As Miller put it: “Mercury is retrograde and Neptune is manufacturing fog at record rate his full moon” which could cloud the reality of a situation.  With the sun and moon forming a tense square to the newly direct Neptune, you may not be able to sort out illusion from reality.

Around December 19 and 20, Saturn leaves Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn, bringing a  shift in mood. This takes Saturn’s limiting and restrictive attention off of Sagittarian themes, such as travel and tolerance, and moves it into the Capricorn arena of business and authority. It can also slow things down despite Mercury coming out of retrograde and moving things forward on December 22.

Astrologist and numerologist Elizabeth Peru notes the most difficult energy of 2017 has moved past us. So despite the Mercury retrograde and tricky influences of Saturn for some, the month is more about movement, change and flexibility. Go ahead with things. Peru says: “nothing is stopping you.”

Likewise, astrologist and numerologist Tania Gabrielle also seconds the theme of change and flexibility in December 2017, and encourages people to take advantage of the powerful 1-1 portal energy seen in many aspects of the month’s energy.

Harris and Peru suggest the next several years will be about building foundations. Peru notes 2018 is a year of world service. Harris says 2018 to 2024 will be “on in a big way.” He says lightworkers, spiritually minded empaths and sensitives are being galvanized and grounded right now for the coming few to 10 years on the planet.

A number of predictive forecasts recommend minding your health this month and taking care of yourself, such as starting a new supplement or making the changes you need to be ready for the new year ahead.

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