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Book Review: How To Rule The World From Your Couch

Book review: How to Rule the World from Your Couch

Bestselling author Laura Day’s book is a fascinating  guide on developing your intuition to create success and fulfillment.

Don’t let the book’s title fool you. How to Rule the World from Your Couch is not a bossy business book. The book by author and professional intuitive Laura Day is a true insider’s guide on how to tap into your own personal power by developing your intuitive skills and healing abilities. The book cover touts: “The only difference between people who use their intuition well and everyone else is success!”

There are many books on intuition, and if you like self-help books that relate personal experiences in a memoir-like way, then this book is for you.

There is a lot to like in this book. First, How to Rule the World from Your Couch stands apart from other books about intuition on its breadth and depth of coverage about the different types of intuitive skills such as mediumship and remote viewing. Second, Day generously shares her insider secrets and wisdom about her own personal practice as a spiritually aware person and what has proven successful for her clients as a professional intuitive who teaches workshops about intuition, and advises corporations and celebrities.

Developing intuitive muscle

Like other self-help books on success, including many business books, Day takes a practical, proof-of-concept approach by sharing stories about when her intuition has proved correct. And sharing with the reader about when it was wrong and what she learned from that.

Day explains how to recognize and sharpen your intuition in its various forms, and much like an athlete, to hone and refine your skills by practicing them on a daily basis to achieve personal fulfillment. The book is also well structured, taking the reader on a journey into intuition and self in a fun, engaging way. Following a couple of introductory chapters on intuition and information gathering, the book’s remaining chapters are focused on developing skills in these areas: mediumship; telepathy; body heat telepathy; remote viewing; precognition; and healing.

Intuition is reading your own self and the energy around you

Days says we all have innate intuitive and healing abilities. Discerning the difference between traditional or normal information from intuitive information, and interpreting and trusting the intuitive information you receive is the tricky part.

“It is really important to train our intuition. The nice part of intuitive information is it’s correct,” Day said in a podcast about the book.

How to Rule the World from Your Couch gives plenty of examples of how insights are gained without using traditional sources of information. It’s in this ability to read others or a particular situation and then taking right action (or not) at the right time is where the magic is to get what you want.

Practice of the intuitive-related skills laid out in the book is what will strengthen your intuitive muscle. To get there, Day gives the reader plenty of exercises to jump into in a step-by-step, hands-on way. The exercises are often presented as an introduction to the book’s very specific types of intuitive skills.

Day shows her innovative approach to intuition with keen insights on more esoteric practices such as body heat telepathy—a concept which isn’t commonly talked about by intuitive practitioners though it is related to empathy and other intuitive or psychic abilities. As a result, this book works for the both the practicing intuitive and psychic as well as those who are new to developing their intuition.

Power of embodiment

“The only psychic, psychological, and physical self-defense is to fully inhabit you,” Day says on page 238. This is what she calls “embodiment,” central to the intuitive process.

Embodiment is the full sensory experience of anything. Embodiment means to stay strong in your own mind and body, allowing you to become more aware of yourself inwardly and of the outer world around you. You can then better use the energy and information you receive to advance your own goals.

The best psychic self-defense against what you don’t want, whether it’s someone else bad thoughts or feelings, or your own self-limiting thoughts, is being full of your own energy or best you.

To get unstuck and face a formidable goal, such as losing weight for someone who has tried and failed before, Day encourages readers to go deep within themselves and talk to themselves. She explains that by changing the way you use your energy, you can change the way your brain works. “You are the only powerful force of change in your life,” Day writes on page 245.  (For more about changing your mindset, see our blog.)

Insider’s approach to intuition

Day has achieved success by putting her own intuitive processes into regular practice. She recognizes intuition is a non-linear process and wrote the book because her followers wanted a linear explanation of intuition. The insider knowledge and tidbits imparted along the way will give many readers the insights and inspiration they need to use on a daily basis.

Day has purported elsewhere there is no such thing as a psychic, suggesting gifts like precognition and mediumship come from intuition. One can argue that such phenomena are really more about psychic skills than intuitive skills. (For an explanation on how intuition is different from psychic ability, see our Spirit Times blog on intuition.)

No matter what you call the gift of sensing or knowing something, intuition is a tool to use daily to transform your life, and Laura Day fulfills this promise of the book.

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