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August 2018: Astrology, Numerology And Energy Outlook

August 2018: astrology, numerology and energy outlook

Lack of activity may be happening this month with summer vacations still underway and a number of planets in retrograde, yet underneath the surface, a lot is happening. Retrograde planets include Mars and Mercury, making for lack of activity, and not a good time for significant action. With Mars, in the bold sign of Aquarius, in retrograde, use this low-energy time to revisit your goals and take action later this month when Mars goes direct on August 27.

If you are plowing ahead with your life, be strong but not too bold as to bowl over others this month of August 2018. August is an 8 energy, and numerologist Glynis McCants, The Numbers Lady, notes the month 8 represents a strong energy. The 8 energy may encourage you to be blunt; she cautions to think twice before you say something. Emotions could also run high this month when this energy is combined with the World Number of 11/2.

On August 7, Uranus turns retrograde and that makes six planets plus Chiron retrograde, according to astrologist Susan Miller of Astrology Zone. The planets slowly start turning direct with Mercury one of the first to move into forward motion on August 19. Uranus, the planet of change, is busy. As Spirit Times noted in May 2018, Uranus left Aries and went into Taurus, signaling less all-about-me, activism, and more let’s-get-to-our-roots and values with a focus on shelter, food and sustenance. In November 2018, Uranus reverts back into Aries until March 2019.

New moon solar eclipse in Leo, August 11

The Leo new Moon on Saturday, August 11 eclipses the sun. During this new moon time, bold Leo brings strong feelings to the forefront. With Pluto involved in the mix and under the influence of Leo as well, control issues could emerge in situations, with push-back a plenty. Pandora Astrology says: “The Sun/Moon conjunction is also arrogantly squared by cocky Jupiter, which is like throwing napalm on an open fire in terms of exaggerating the already imperious sentiment of double Leo.”

This particular eclipse may bring hidden information to the forefront for Virgos, for example, notes Susan Miller. Overall, for all signs of the zodiac, Miller says: “Eclipses are famous for shining the glaring light of truth on situations.” But, Miller suggests many won’t be affected by the August 11 solar eclipse.

Combined with the ongoing Mercury retrograde on August 18, many of us may be turned inward. “So we may be indirect about asserting ourselves—though that won’t mitigate the power of the assertion,” notes Pandora Astrology.

Compassion, and softer, spiritual energies come in around August 19, when Jupiter forms a wonderful trine with Neptune.  Overall, the trine of the two planets opens up energy toward being idealistic, humanitarian, and choosing what’s best for others, or the greater good, notes Café Astrology. Susan Miller of Astrology Zone, flags Jupiter and Neptune in “rare, ideal contact on August 19, the last time they will meet with any kind of contact until 2020. A trine is very special and more rare,” she says.

Full Moon lunar eclipse in Pisces, August 26

The full moon on August 26 also brings soft and compassionate energies. While the moon is in Pisces, there’s less of an emotional charge and seepage into others’ boundaries because it’s part of a “stabilizing minor trine with Saturn and Uranus”  in a sextile with Capricorn and Taurus, Pandora Astrology notes, meaning the line-up is in complement to each other.  This particular full moon will encourage compassion in dealing with others. “One can experience the gift of universal connection while maintaining one’s own emotional self-sufficiency,” says Pandora Astrology.

In August, be a resource for others, or pull back

The cosmic energy is indeed less trippy and more calm in August, suggests intuitive Lee Harris in his monthly energy video.  “Speed and the experience of the speed of everything, and perhaps needing to take a breath for everything that is going on with you, is a common theme.”  You can expect more of a respite this month with August beginning a new chapter to start the remaining months of the year.  “The beginning of the final five months of the year, the energy is going to change,” Harris says, including the energy that had high conflict in it. He says the rest of the year will be a lot easier for you to build because we’re coming out of this wave of intensity that had high-conflict energy in it, and also for some, the energy brings a real reversal around your ability to manifest.

Some who manifest easily went through a slow-down recently, Harris says. Conversely, those that normally aren’t used to running at high speed found that connections, friendships, opportunities might have been coming forth at a fast rate. Those who are quiet and sensitive will be coming into their own power, Harris says, as consciousness elevates.  For those that have stayed quiet over recent years will become more vocal, even stepping into leadership positions.

“Elevation of consciousness divides people into different camps. Some are choosing to live more consciously while others are closing down or pulling back,” Harris says.  So, for those who are sensitive or intuitive, there’s a psychic elevation going on which translates into a confidence of communication in relating to others. In personal relationships, there’s more empathy of feeling others. Some may gravitate toward you, and you have opportunity to be their emotional leader.

Lee says self-soothing and grounding is important now, as the energy moves fast. Stress and the high-intensity of the energy is felt in your body. “August is a really good month to look at that for yourself,” he says, such as taking a 10-minute gratitude break, to track where you are, and who you are. There is also an emergency-state going on for others who don’t have the self-soothing skills.

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