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April 2020:  Astrology, Numerology And Energy Outlook

April 2020: astrology, numerology and energy outlook

April 2020 has brought heartache, sadness and anxiety with the COVID-19 pandemic. But we can take heart about the 4 energy of April, from the numerology perspective, which allows us to focus on what you can control.

The 4 month of April is about structures, foundations, and security with an eye on long-term goals, according to numerologist Felecia Bender in the AstroStyle April 2020 numerology overview. April 2020 represents a double 4 or 8 energy, which can signal abundance and expansion. “Your April 2020 numerology forecast is  about seeking comfort about security, even while systems are destabilizing due to the coronavirus pandemic,” Bender said.

Combined with the fiery energy of Aries, many will want to take charge of their lives in the face of adversity and do what they can to take precautions with the coronavirus, their health and livelihoods.

When the 4 and 8 are together (2020+4 =8), it usually denotes fateful events, adds intuitive Kari Samuels in her April 2020 blog. “This is a time to focus on your physical fortitude as well as your purpose. Focus on strengthening your spirit as well as your body,” Samuels says in her newsletter.

The month starts out with a big, bright full moon in Libra on April 7. Known as the pink (based on spring blooms in North America) super moon, the moon in Libra comes with a Mars-Uranus square. A diplomatic tone takes the order of the day when it’s best to avoid conflict and compromise but overall both the full moon this month and the new moon will be softened by the influence of Venus.

Astrology and cosmic perspectives on coronavirus

If you have to pin the fierce spread of coronavirus on planets, let Pluto in Capricorn—in a rare, once-in-13-year meetup with Jupiter in Capricorn—be your guide. Pluto deals with death and financial matters and even viruses. The spreading effect of a virus is generated by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and global connections.

Pluto deals with processing our thoughts and feelings on a very deep level, notes astrologist Maria Shaw. Intuitive Lee Harris also notes the depth of feelings in his April 2020 energy forecast video. “The frequency range between fear and love is incredibly wide right now. Remember, fear will cut you off from your spirit and your soul,” Harris says.

So it’s important to practice gratitude, get grounded, and connect with others whether online or six feet apart, following current social distancing guidelines. Harris says: “Connecting with others and connecting with activities that help you feel calmer and grounded are vital. They’re not a luxury, they’re vital.”

A number of energetic forecasters say the pandemic is part of big changes ahead. Many will awaken and realize there is far more to human life than meets the eye, Harris says. “That energy is driving everything that’s happening here and never more so than now. Even if it might look like a virus, and restrictions are driving what’s happening right now. Energetically, this is being universally driven and it’s very strong.”

There are three meetings of Jupiter and Pluto this year; the first was on April 4, and each time the energy of the planets will be strong. The second time that both Jupiter and Pluto get close again isn’t until June 29 when both are in independent retrograde motion of each other: the result could be a noticeable receding of the pandemic.

The last time in 2020 when Jupiter and Pluto join forces is on November 12, when both of these powerful planets meet again. As Susan Miller of AstrologyZone wrote in her “2020 Coronavirus Outlook” report:  “Like a snake hiding in the grass and bushes, the virus will lie dormant, only to strike again in September through all of November, and possibly extend as far as mid-December.”

However, don’t put too much stock in the actual dates of the three meetups, cautions Miller. “Jupiter and Pluto are traveling all year within six degrees, which is what astrologers call ‘within orb’ or, said another way, will be within the area of mathematical significance.”

Other softer planetary energies could lessen the effects of the virus, adds the Astro Twins in their AstroStyle report “Plagues, Pandemics & Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions in History: What Astrology Reveals.” These movements include Venus terminating its six-week retrograde in Gemini on June 25 which begins on May 14, when the “air” connection between Gemini and lungs may be eased, and may have many of us breathing relief literally. Saturn’s spot in collaborative Aquarius, which runs through July 1, 2020, could also encourage authorities and governments to do more to support the fight.

Saturn’s influence cannot be ignored in its role in the inception of the virus. Many astrologers trace the coronavirus to the rare January 12 Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which makes the invisible visible, notes AstroStyle in their April 2020 astrology blog. See our January 2020 energetic forecast for more on the disruption caused by the mid-January 2020 Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

Taurus arrives on April 19

The chaos of the world settling into the pandemic is likely alleviated in the last half of the month with the arrival of the more grounded, stabilizing Taurus season on April 19, running through May 20. Get outside, get grounded into the earth, dig in the dirt and do what you can to be more in the moment and aware of the present moment.

The new moon takes place around April 22 in Taurus, when the focus may be on new ways to generate income, according to astrologist Yasmin Boland. “The new moon will be taking place near and trigging the planet of excitement and sudden change, Uranus, so there could be curve balls for a lot of people—especially Taureans, Scorpios, Aquarians and people with those signs rising,” Boland says in her April 2020 energy overview.

And, as suggested earlier, Pluto’s retrograde which starts on April 25, continues for a five-month run. COVID-19 is expected to lessen at least in the U.S. by mid-May and this decline of new cases may be aided by the Pluto retrograde.

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