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April 2018: Spring Astrology, Numerology And Energy Outlook

April 2018: spring astrology, numerology and energy outlook

The 4 energy of April evokes knowledge and truth. As the fourth month of an 11/2 master year world number, there is a stabilizing energy this month all around, emerging from the chaos of the first three months of the year which brought big changes quickly.

With spring flowers, there is also a sense of resolution you may feel this month as you keep your head down and focus on work. With that, you may feel an undercurrent of grief or a sense of being stuck. According to intuitive Lee Harris, the drive to discover and connect with our purpose can be a way of masking or avoiding our feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. “Usually we all have to get to a place and sit with hopelessness and helplessness occasionally and not trying to mask it with a sense of purpose or drive,” Harris says in his monthly energy video.

With the energetic undercurrents of grief, sadness or frustration that may come up, learn how to support them “in order to rise into the next place we want to go, or way of being we want to experience,” Harris writes in his April blog.

Reinventing yourself and learning or discovering new ways to direct your action are within reach. This is true with difficult people you may be encountering this month or other forces.

Time for more directed action and some fun come later in the month given planetary forces. One high note of the month and year: the sextile of Jupiter and Pluto which can bring deep inner transformation on April 14. Generally, according to Kelly Astrology, among others, sextiles bring opportunity and the Jupiter sextile Pluto is about wealth, money and abundance, related to living your truth and being increasingly authentic.

Mercury goes direct April 15 and more

On April 15, Mercury stations direct in Aries so communications, travel, appointments and such will go more smoothly. April 15 also brings the first new moon of the lunar cycle since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The new moon orbits with the Sun and Uranus, notes AstrologyZone’s Susan Miller, and could give financial surprises to some signs, so check your horoscope and this influence.

Pluto starts its retrograde journey on April 22 allows you to look back at old ground for answers, notes Building Beautiful Souls astrology, although Pluto isn’t concerned with efficiency but deep, transformative soul growth.

Love and romantic behavior is especially supported toward the last part of the month. Venus is in Taurus, its natural placement in this earth sign until April 24 before going onto sparkling Gemini then. Coupled with the upcoming full moon on April 29 in Scorpio, may push you to commit more deeply in your relationships this month, there may be a blockage in both verbal and non-verbal communication so use your words with love.

Scorpio is intense and you can leverage the energy of the full moon on April 29. As Yasmin Boland of Moonology notes, the full moon is always the right time to release negativity and the Scorpio full moon “is that plus plus.” She recommends writing a list  of whoever you know you have been too tough on, or who has been difficult for you to handle. And then go and release that. After all, you’ve been working on the reinvention.

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