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3 Ways To Grow Your Faith To Move Forward

3 ways to grow your faith to move forward

What’s on your plate this year? Your wish list? Your bucket list? Are there things you want to happen but that might be hoping too much? What drives you nuts? What do you need to let go, or embrace more deeply? How do you create a bigger, better life? Taking action is always good but so is finding deeper faith in yourself, God, the Universe, or others to make things happen. You may be sitting on the sidelines, coasting along—proverbially “phoning in” your life as it happens. Or, you could be charging ahead into your year and goals with deliberate intent and measured action.

No matter the confidence you have in the events and life you have created, deepening your faith is a great way to stay calm, find peace and ascend higher while finding greater purpose. Here are ways to find faith:

1) Look at the past.

While listening to a meditation at the free app Insight Timer recently (recommended), I was surprised at the presenter’s naiveté. In the guided mediation, the presenter said to completely forget the wrongs, regrets and bad things from your past and shut the door to it completely. I found it to be the wrong metaphor. Releasing the fears and conditioning that once held you back isn’t an overnight, one-in-done process. Look back on your past with reflection, yes, but discover what was inside you at the time. What’s ready to be released may come up again anyway. Examine it and process it by feeling it again or understanding it with hindsight. Don’t just keep it locked inside, behind a door.

Instead, go into your discomfort. Go into your pain, sadness, guilt or regret. Why do you think you are still angry? How can you let it go? Can someone help you find the false, unconscious beliefs which may have contributed to the event or situation? Change is about transmutation. To transmute means to change or alter the form, appearance or nature of something, often to a higher form. That’s where healing, and even a little magic, can happen.

2) Live in the present.

You may have found this blog by accidentally searching something else on the web and have read this far. That’s living in the moment. Take time to pause between one task and another to deep breath, meditate or reflect on a nice view out a window. Give yourself room to stretch or walk around the block. Walking is great way to feel good and let your mind wander. When you walk, solutions to problems, or that next creative break-through can “drop in” more easily.

One female attorney I interviewed years back swore by taking a quick walk to help balance the  work-life juggling act and process things. She learned of the beneficial effects of what’s called “bilateral stimulation” that comes from activities like walking, jogging, biking and dancing. Researchers have found these activities alternately stimulate the left half and the right half of the brain to promote relaxation by stimulating the release of endorphins.

3) Prepare for the future.

Anticipation about the future can get you through a bad day, and certainly gets you through life in general.  Hard work and preparation are what create a bright future. What can you do today that will likely contribute to a better future? Something might be calling you. Maybe it’s an idea to create something better for yourself, others or the planet in general. What’s the job change you’ve been contemplating? What do you really want to do? Or, beyond education, careers, relationships and all the financial planning we hear about, what’s next? Do you think you’ve found your life’s purpose?

Learning about the present and staying informed about the future as a heads-up for what’s ahead—from the energetic perspective—is why Spirit Times was launched. We trust that by giving people the information about the upcoming energies will help them plan for tomorrow while igniting their faith to move forward in the best way. Another positive outgrowth is the anticipation, joy and maybe even a little magic that can result from such awareness. This information will come from professional intuitives and psychics, many of whom make it their life’s work to look at such things.

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